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book . pink up your life

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Product Description

Pink up your life ! The world of pink design, by Manuela Roth
232 pages, 21 x 28 cm 
Immerse yourself in the universe of pink product designs, a repertoire of famous brands as well as novel creations. Pink up your world..

From the back cover : Pink for old and young, pink for everyone! Powerful and passionate, romantic and delicate, fresh and optimistic - Pink Up Your Life! presents pink in all its facets and nuances. No other color polarizes as much as pink, at the same time none is as versatile. As a pink ribbon it fights against breast cancer, playfully provokingly challenges gender roles, gives stylish creations an extravagant touch, and makes furniture unique. Whether interior design, architecture or fashion - Think pink! is the designers' and artists' slogan. So, put on your pink glasses, scroll through this world of pink products and projects, and choose your favorite shade of pink.